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Pediatric Care

Pediatrics located in Valparaiso, IN

Pediatric Care located in Valparaiso, IN

Your baby or child’s medical care is one of the most important things you give them. At Noah’s Ark Pediatrics, your child, and your whole family, benefit from a small, boutique care environment. Turn to David Dimitroff, MD, and the Noah's Ark Pediatrics team for top-quality pediatric care. Contact the Valparaiso, Indiana, office online or over the phone and schedule your pediatric appointment now.

Why is pediatric care important?

Pediatric care focuses on your growing child’s health and wellness. Children are uniquely vulnerable to some health conditions. And, keeping a close eye on your child’s development makes it easier to provide the care and support they need as they grow up. It’s important for your child to receive regular pediatric care.

How is pediatric care different from other types of medicine?

Pediatricians like Dr. Dimitroff and his team at Noah’s Ark Pediatrics specialize in caring for babies, young children, and teens. The providers understand the unique challenges involved in providing top-quality medical care to developing bodies and minds and know how to work well with their young patients. 

In addition to working with children, Dr. Dimitroff is a great communicator and guides parents and guardians through each step of a child’s care.

What’s included in pediatric care?

Pediatric care consists of all of your child’s medical care needs. Your child’s pediatrician pays attention to their physical, mental, and social health from birth through young adulthood.

Pediatric care provides a baseline record of your child’s health and involves regular well-child visits to ensure that their development is on track. Pediatric care can also include treatment for acute or chronic illnesses or injuries if needed.

Pediatric care includes both preventive and responsive treatment. Your child’s pediatrician can also help you connect with other specialists if your child needs additional medical care or support.

How do you find a pediatrician?

If you’re in the Valparaiso, Indiana, area, make the welcoming, knowledgeable pediatrics practice at Noah’s Ark Pediatrics your child’s pediatric care home. Dr. Dimitroff works with children of all ages and genders and respects families of all races and religions.

The team offers text and email capabilities for ease of communication. Much of your child’s pediatric care may also be available remotely via telemedicine. Noah’s Ark Pediatrics uses Spruce for secure and convenient communication.

Start your pediatric care at Noah’s Ark Pediatrics by calling now to schedule your child’s appointment or request a visit online. Dr. Dimitroff and the team look forward to working with you and your child.