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Developmental Conditions

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Developmental Conditions located in Valparaiso, IN

As your child grows, you learn more about their uniqueness. Developmental conditions may become apparent. If your child shows signs of developmental conditions like autism, early detection and expert support can smooth the path ahead. At Noah’s Ark Pediatrics in Valparaiso, Indiana, David Dimitroff, MD, can identify developmental conditions in your child, and advise your family on what to do next. Schedule an appointment at Noah’s Ark Pediatrics online or over the phone now.

What are developmental conditions?

Not all children develop in the same way. In fact, every child is different and unique. Normal developmental milestones apply to most children but not all of them. Some children develop very differently from their peers.

Developmental conditions occur when your child’s development is significantly different from the norm. If your child has a developmental condition, they may need alternate forms of care or support going forward.

Some developmental conditions can correct over time, while others, like autism, are lifelong, and your child will need to learn to adapt to and live with them.

How do you check for developmental conditions?

As your child grows, early signs may indicate the presence of developmental conditions, including developmental delays and autism. Caregivers who are in touch with children’s development are often the first to notice a change or difference.

Your Noah’s Ark Pediatrics provider can also watch your child’s development and note any early signs of developmental conditions. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why the team ensures that your child always sees the same provider when you come in for an appointment.

If your provider notices signs of a developmental condition, they can use several types of testing to confirm your child’s diagnosis. In some cases, that might involve blood tests or diagnostic imaging. Often, the practice uses noninvasive approaches to study your child’s behavioral and physical development.

How can you help with developmental conditions?

Developmental differences like an intellectual disability or autism mean changes in your plans and expectations for your child. But, receiving a diagnosis for a developmental condition can be the start of positive change for your child and your whole family. When you understand your child’s unique gifts and needs, you’re better positioned to help them thrive.

Dr. Dimitroff and the providers at Noah’s Ark Pediatrics work with you every step of the way as you find your new normal. The team helps you find the right accommodations, interventions, and therapies to support your child’s unique development. It also provides documentation to help them at school and other environments where they need support or accommodations.

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