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Circumcision is a delicate procedure that’s often performed shortly after birth on male babies. For an expert approach to this personal part of male newborn care, you need David Dimitroff, MD, and the experienced team at Noah's Ark Pediatrics. If you’re located in the Valparaiso, Indiana, area, and planning on circumcision for your baby, schedule an appointment with Dr. Dimitroff online or over the phone now.

What is circumcision?

Circumcision is an outpatient surgical procedure. In circumcision, the foreskin–the layer of skin that covers the head of your male child’s penis–is permanently removed shortly after the birth.

This procedure can be performed using several different techniques and only takes a few minutes to complete. Analgesia is safe to use for pain relief during circumcision. After the procedure, your provider applies a dressing or gauze and petroleum jelly to protect the treatment area.

Typically, healing is complete 7–10 days after a circumcision procedure. You’ll need to keep the treatment area clean, including changing diapers frequently and carefully, to prevent infection while your child heals.

What are the risks and benefits of circumcision?

Circumcision is relatively common in the United States and is often done for religious or cultural reasons. Circumcision changes the appearance of your male child’s genitals, which may be important to your family. Another potential benefit is that circumcision may make your child’s genital area easier to keep clean once healing and recovery are complete.

Like all surgical procedures, circumcisions can have complications. However, pediatric authorities agree that this is a safe procedure for healthy babies and children.

Circumcision is only performed on babies who are in good health. You might need to postpone a planned circumcision if your baby has a health condition that needs to be treated first, or if your baby arrives prematurely.

Some families have concerns about circumcision. If you’re debating whether to get your child circumcised, talk to Dr. Dimitroff about your decision. The team at Noah’s Ark Pediatrics can help you consider all sides of this question, including clearing up any myths or misconceptions about the science behind circumcision.

How can you choose the right doctor for your baby’s circumcision?

Circumcision can be performed before or after you leave the hospital following your baby’s birth. You want the right provider to perform this personal, sensitive procedure on your newborn. Dr. Dimitroff has extensive experience with circumcisions and is even available for house calls.

Consult with Dr. Dimitroff and his team at Noah’s Ark Pediatrics about your child’s circumcision. Schedule an appointment online or over the phone today to get started.